Working with George

DTC Consulting

Types of work I consult on:

  • Profitable DTC performance marketing.
  • Customer retention & email flows
  • Selling on Amazon & how to scale Amazon accounts
  • Growing affiliate sales & affiliate PR
  • Advertising attribution
  • General advice on how to run an e-commerce company
  • Introductions to people in my network.

SaaS Consulting

As a merchant and operator I have tried countless Shopify apps and sat through a lot of sales calls and demos. Then have actually tried to USE these tools to try to grow my business. If you want a merchants perspective on the app you are building, I might be able to help.

I’m especially interested in these areas.

  • Reverse logistics
  • Marketing attribution
  • Automation and AI tools
  • Profit analytics
  • UGC and Influencer content

How to work with me

  1. Drop me an email to with a little info on you & your company.
  2. We’ll schedule a call
  3. If it makes sense to work together, I prefer to start with a one-off project. This is typically an audit of some aspect of your business.
  4. After we’ve done a project or audit, we can discuss my avaialbility for ongoing advisory, fractional marketing leadership, ads management or focused consulting projects.

Some history

I’ve (somehow) been working in e-commerce for over 20 years. I designed and developed my first e-commerce website in 2000 when I was in high school in England, it was for an American furniture company that I found on Yahoo and pitched cold. Not sure they knew I was 17.

Later, in 2010, I co-founded my own e-commerce company, Social Print Studio. We even built our own e-commerce platform in house since we launched before Shopify. SPS is still going strong today! Over 1 million people have ordered photo prints worldwide, mostly word of mouth.

In 2019 I joined Fellow as VP Marketing & E-Commerce, although that wasn’t the job title at the time since the company was just a few people. I built all the e-commerce business post-Kickstarter, on Shopify & Amazon. I built up the marketing team, launched and scaled Fellow’s advertising and built the Fellow Drops program myself. I left Fellow in summer 2022 to pursue my next thing and recently started taking on new consulting clients.